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Jonathan Carlucci

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My heart beats to build community.

I’ve taught cycling from New York to DC to Bangkok and back.

I believe that music should inspire the work; for 45 minutes, the beat won’t stop and neither will you.

My class is like a finely crafted cocktail, with equal parts intensity and motivation, garnished with a sick, rhythmically brilliant playlist.

Riders continually return to class for the high energy, high intensity, and highly motivating dynamics on top of perfectly curated soundtrack.

Ride with me in New York:

The Monster Cycle

Life Time Athletic at Sky

Or anywhere via CycleCast:


As a Master Instructor and Trainer, I design exciting cycle programming that engages riders by marrying physiologically sound principles to sick beats.

I train and mentor instructors helping them craft experiences that unite strength, heart, and music.

We first look at ride structure, parameters for what happens on the bike that ensure intense and safe work.

Together, we work through the science of music, how to harness its dynamics to amplify the physical work.
We breakdown how to source the hottest music and curate playlists.
We coach vocal dynamics and presentation.

We focus on living the brand and creating community.

We learn how to teach through confidence, not ego.

Whether the momentum of your business concept is just starting to take direction, or you’ve already opened and are establishing your brand, it would be my pleasure to help you thrive.

I’ve worked in almost every role in boutique fitness: from Front Desk to Management to Marketing to Master Instructor.

So if you’re in pre-launch and need help developing a method, finding instructors, and getting your team trained.
I got you.
If you need help developing best practices & processes for studio operations to enhance your customer journey,
I got you.
If you want to provide your passionate instructor team with empowering class feedback, or want to workshop as a team,
I got you.




Nov 7 6:15p

Nov 8 7:00a

New NYC Schedule Coming Soon

    His ability to pull every bit of strength and courage you have is unbelievable.

    halfmarathonjunkie via RateYourBurn
  • He is one of the best instructors in the NYC fitness scene. I feel like I’ve had therapy and a workout all in one place.

    NYCExerciseGal92 via RateYourBurn
  • …the music was awesome and, more importantly, Jonathan had the class timed perfectly. Down to the millisecond.

    via RateYourBurn

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Revolve …Baby, One More Time Playlist



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